Foodcare Strong points

Strong Point 1

Eco-Friendly Premium Ingredients
  • Made with organic eco-friendly ingredients
    (Organic rice, Korean beef, Korean eco-friendly vegetables, non-antibiotic chicken)
  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • Preservative-free or additive-free
福德菜 优点
福德菜 优点
福德菜 优点

Strong Point 2

 Standards for Baby Food – Characteristics by age/Diversification of products according to feeding ability
  •  Premium baby food designed by professional nutritionists
  • 3-step baby food designed according to recommended nutrient intake standards for babies
    and young children and feeding ability by age
Step Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Month of age 6months or more 8months or more 10months or more
Feature Soft and easy to swallow with the solid size of 2mm or less Makes it possible to improve chewing ability through masticatory movements using the tongue and gums with the solid size of 5mm or less Has grains chewing using back teeth with the solid size of 10mm or less and is similar to adult food
Storage 1 year @room temp.
Feeding method It can be eaten immediately after opening as ready meal.
To enjoy a better taste, heat up in a microwave for 30 seconds.

Strong Point 3

Eco-Friendly Bottled Baby Food
  • “Foodcare loves the environment-friendly material.”Eco-Green Mind
  • “No need to worry about environmental hormones” Environmental hormone Free
  • “Easy to use heat sterilization and is hygienic”Easy to Heating Sterilization

Advantages of Foodcare baby food container

Strong Point 4

HACCP-Certified Specialty Hygienic Production System
  •  Introduction of advanced automation system according to standards for hygienic management by each process
  • Establishment of hygienic production line through HACCP

Fresh, healthy baby food Foodcare

Foodcare baby food is a healthier, tastier, and safer premium baby food made under the motto of “ make baby food with the mother’s love caring baby’s health.”


Strong Point 5

Company Attached R&D Center
  • Research and development of infant/baby food
  • Modeling for high-quality products focusing on growth process and nutrition balance of babies
  • Review for safety by each step/ process
  • Development for products using functional materials
福德菜 优点
福德菜 优点
福德菜 优点